A simple Google search of “how do websites work” is what started everything off.

Programming has been a fundamental part of my life from the age of 12. I learnt web development during those dark times when Internet Explorer 8 was popular and jQuery was at its peak. I picked up graphic design too and started freelancing. My clients weren't aware that I was a young teenager learning on the job.

A few years later, I began to explore other areas of programming. Whilst studying for my school exams, I used my skills to build a study website called Revisify. Over a 2 year period, Revisify grew into a community of 3000 students. I decided to shut the website down in 2017 so I could pursue other interests.

After finishing school, I went on to achieve a first in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. I learnt a variety of topics including machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing. As part of my final year project, I built Aida, a dating chatbot that matched users based on their personality. My neural network managed to achieve excellent results in personality classification from text.

I’ve worked on several other projects through hackathons, self-interests and university. If you’re reading this, I’m most likely working on something new. I'm currently interested in progressive web apps and the future of the open web.

When I'm not behind my computer, you'll find me lifting weights in the gym, playing board games or spending time with friends and family.