3rd Nov 2020

3 Minute Read

Why Google's New Icons Are Awful

Google's new icons have been making the rounds lately. They have decided to rebrand the icons for the products, opting for consistency over…

1st Jul 2020

4 Minute Read

Thoughts on Apple's Unfair App Store Policies

Many people refer to Apple's ecosystem as a walled garden. It isn't a mystery why their ecosystem is so heavily restrained - it's what makes…

7th Jan 2019

5 Minute Read

How I Got My First Internship and How You Can Too

Let me take you back to June last year when I was finishing up with my first year of Computer Science exams. I was really worried because I…

28th May 2018

3 Minute Read

How I Built My Blog Using Gatsby and Netlify

Can you name a more iconic duo? 🤔 Years ago, when I would build a static website, I wouldn't use any fancy frameworks or build tools. The…

12th Aug 2017

3 Minute Read

🐳 Docker: An Explanation for Beginners

During the 6 years I’ve been programming, I’ve discovered a pattern when learning something new. At first what you’re learning feels…

26th Feb 2017

3 Minute Read

5 Reasons Why I Will Open Source My First App

Before I started to build my app, I debated whether I should release my code to the public. This was quite a scary thought at first but…

19th Feb 2017

2 Minute Read

What’s Happening with Navigation in React Native?

When I began learning React Native the docs and developers said that to handle navigation between scenes in your app you should use…

12th Feb 2017

1 Minute Read

Validating Forms in React Native

As I’m in the midst of building a React Native app for my exam studying tool, Revisify , I needed to find an elegant solution to validating…

5th Feb 2017

2 Minute Read

My React Native App Setup

2017 will mark a huge milestone for me because I will release my first app for iOS and Android. My strong passion for programming, improving…

30th Jan 2017

3 Minute Read

Using Redux with React Native

I’m in the middle of developing a React Native app — Revisify. Originally starting as a website to help students prepare for their exams, I…

22nd Jan 2017

3 Minute Read

5 Reasons Why I Chose React Native Over Traditional App Development

Back in 2015, I built Revisify, a free study tool for students to use. Revisify has matured on the web for 2 years now and I’m in the…

27th Dec 2016

2 Minute Read

The Timezone Struggle

Something I recently found difficult to get my head around was how timezones work. It’s one of those things you tend to avoid as much as…