1st Jul 2020

4 Minute Read

Thoughts on Apple's Unfair App Store Policies

Many people refer to Apple's ecosystem as a walled garden. It isn't a mystery why their ecosystem is so heavily restrained - it's what makes…

7th Jan 2019

5 Minute Read

How I Got My First Internship and How You Can Too

Let me take you back to June last year when I was finishing up with my first year of Computer Science exams. I was really worried because I…

28th May 2018

3 Minute Read

How I Built My Blog Using Gatsby and Netlify

Can you name a more iconic duo? 🤔 Years ago, when I would build a static website, I wouldn't use any fancy frameworks or build tools. The…

12th Aug 2017

3 Minute Read

🐳 Docker: An Explanation for Beginners

During the 6 years I’ve been programming, I’ve discovered a pattern when learning something new. At first what you’re learning feels…

26th Feb 2017

3 Minute Read

5 Reasons Why I Will Open Source My First App

Before I started to build my app, I debated whether I should release my code to the public. This was quite a scary thought at first but…

19th Feb 2017

2 Minute Read

What’s Happening with Navigation in React Native?

When I began learning React Native the docs and developers said that to handle navigation between scenes in your app you should use…

12th Feb 2017

1 Minute Read

Validating Forms in React Native

As I’m in the midst of building a React Native app for my exam studying tool, Revisify , I needed to find an elegant solution to validating…

5th Feb 2017

2 Minute Read

My React Native App Setup

2017 will mark a huge milestone for me because I will release my first app for iOS and Android. My strong passion for programming, improving…

30th Jan 2017

3 Minute Read

Using Redux with React Native

I’m in the middle of developing a React Native app — Revisify. Originally starting as a website to help students prepare for their exams, I…

22nd Jan 2017

3 Minute Read

5 Reasons Why I Chose React Native Over Traditional App Development

Back in 2015, I built Revisify, a free study tool for students to use. Revisify has matured on the web for 2 years now and I’m in the…

27th Dec 2016

2 Minute Read

The Timezone Struggle

Something I recently found difficult to get my head around was how timezones work. It’s one of those things you tend to avoid as much as…